Joomla authentication plugin for Waves (Waves-keeper browser extension)

New era type plugin for easy and anonymous blockchain authorization on Joomla

To authorize on site you need to install Waves Keeper Chrome extension (it also works on Opera and Vivaldi at least), create new accout or import seed from existing account and allow site to login.

Site can`t do anything with your crypto actives, it only can authorize you and see your public key, nothing more.

Plugin now in alpha and testing, stable version will be released in few days, but even now you can download it, test and use (for your own risk)

Because its only alpha process of installation can be quite difficult, easier way - soon.

Also, be sure to check php requirements


You can see work of plugin on demo site


Download section


view for mod_login

How to install

First - you need to install library

Connect via ssh to your hosting provider

go to your site directory

cd libraries
composer require "deemru/waveskit @dev"

check there are no errors - if they are - install extensions you missed and repeat

After library successfully installed - install plugin via Extension Manager

After it copy file default.php from to /templates/%YOUR_TEMPLATE%/html/mod_login/ (create if it needs) , don`t forget to backup existing file if you have it.


Extra features will be realized soon

Code on github

Automatic assignment to user group depends of any token balance

Checks for errors and error messages

Library installation via Extension Manager without composer

Auto update mechanism

Joomla Extension Directory


If you have any suggestion - feel free to write on Twitter - @volandku (Russian or English)